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ARWC day 2 – Allez les Bleus

Being thrown into a situation where you’re going to be spending 24 hours a day over 5 or 6 days, where you’re potentially going to be under stress, hungry and sleep deprived, in the company of your best friends would … Continue reading

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ARWC 2012 – day 1 : Putting the “I” in Team

We trotted up to the marshalls who offered us the choice of English or French for the instructions that came with the maps. After collecting the English bundle we ran on another 20 or 30 yards to before stopping to … Continue reading

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ARWC 2012 – Getting there!

Pack pack pack! No matter how much time you give yourself packing for an adventure race always seems to take you up to the last minute. Mandatory gear has to be found/bought/borrowed and gathered together. The more technical race food … Continue reading

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Adventure Racing World Championships, 2012

Out of the frying pan, into the fire! The Adventure Racing World Championships (ARWC) are taking place in southern France this year. The race starts on September 14th . The Raid in France is the host race (The French call … Continue reading

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UTMB 2012 – Race Gear Review

Ah yes… gear! One of the joys of running is the simplicity of the sport. You just put on a pair of shorts (the minimalists wouldn’t even bother with shoes) and run. No expensive list of gear that you need … Continue reading

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UTMB 2012 – Race Nutrition

The sports science around ultra running is an interesting area. My own personal belief is that most conventional sports science doesn’t apply very well to long distance endurance sports, since most of the theory is base on shorter distance experiments. … Continue reading

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UTMB 2012 – Race Report

The UTMB organisation texted out confirmation that the race would start at about 7:00pm, a delay of about half an hour. The course was now about 100km long, but still managed to squeeze in about 6000m of vertical ascent, which … Continue reading

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