I compete in Ireland and around the world in the sports of Ultra Running and Adventure Racing.

My first ultra run was a ~50km race over the hills of Wicklow back in the late 90s. Since then I have steadily pushed out the distances I race. I currently hold the Irish records for 24 hour running (248.4km), 48 hour road running (343km) and 6 day running (815km), along with many course records for Irish ultras. I hold the world record for the fastest crossing of Ireland on Foot, running from Mizen Head to Malin Head in 3 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes in May 2017.

My best race results were finishing 5th at the 24 hour world championships in Bergamo in 2009, finishing as second place veteran in the 2013 UTMB, finishing 2nd in the 6-day World Trophy in Hungary in 2015, and winning the Spine Race in 2016 (Setting a course record). I am a multiple winner of the Irish 24 hour Running Championships, and have been awarded the Athletics Ireland Ultrarunner of the year on 4 occasions (the only person to win this award more than once).

My first Adventure Race was the 2000 edition of the Adrenalin Rush 5 day expedition race which was held in Northern Ireland. Since then I’ve participated in multiple races of many different lengths both on the domestic Irish scene and internationally. Highlights include finishing the Primal Quests in Utah in 2006 and South Dakota in 2008, participating in the world championships in Scotland, Spain, Tasmania and France, Finishing 2nd in the Turas Adventure Race, a 5 day international race in Cork/Kerry, And finishing 3rd in the European Champions (on home soil) in 2015.


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  1. Eoin, I would like to speak to you about a film project on ultrarunning. I would be very grateful if you could send me your contact details.

  2. Maria Tracey says:

    Hi Eoin, wondering if you could send your contact details through to maria@thecorknews.ie, would love to do a piece with yourself for the paper?
    Kind regards

  3. Joe Fejed says:

    Congrats buddy on your recent PR in the 24! Hey-I’m putting on a 6 day race indoors on a 400 meter track at the Alaska Dome next Aug. 4 in Anchorage Alaska. If your interested let me know and I’ll get you signed up with a free entry. Should be a lot of fun.

  4. Hi Buddy. Great to meet you during the Spine Race, and a genuine pleasure to have you to stay. Great banter, and an inspiration to a crocked old wanna-be-again ultra-runner. I can feel the juices starting to flow again!! I’ve a newspaper article and a couple of photos to send you if you let me have your email address.
    Keep in touch.

  5. Sam Hunt says:

    Hi Eoin,
    I was wondering if you are running this year? I would love to go for one run with you and ask some questions about Ultra’s etc. I just did the Art O’Neill, having been lucky enough to get a space the day before. I had no real idea about the race, route and had done no distance training (apart from a marathon in 2008) but absolutely loved it and finished in 6:33mins. Very keen to ask you questions about training, nutrition and navigating. Sure if you would like a companion for a run (promise to try my best to keep up), please send me an email samhunt1@gmail.com. Cheers Sam Hunt

  6. Alexian says:

    Hi Keith – I think it’s about time that this record was broken again:

    2004 Twenty-eight year old Hart Walk record broken

    On Friday 30th – Saturday 31st July, 2004, the twenty-eight year old record of Gaffney & Rice for the completion of the Hart walk was finally broken. The origin of the Hart Walk was a fifty guinea wager allegedly by the naturalist R M Barrington (a fine walker himself) that Hart could not walk from Terenure tram terminus to the summit of Lugnaquilla and back in under 24 hours. It seems to have been specified that one way could be by road but the other had to be over the hills. Hart, accompanied by Sir Frederick Cullinan, left Terenure at 10.58pm on 20th June 1886 and arrived back at 10.48pm the next evening. Over the following years a few hardy souls followed in Hart’s footsteps, but the fastest recorded time was 17 hours 39 minutes by Gaffney and Rice in 1976. On the recent glorious August bank-holiday weekend, however, Bob Lawlor (41), a member of the Irish Mountain Running Association, made a solo attempt on the record and smashed it by one hour and eighteen minutes in a time of 16 hours and 21 minutes. Well done, Bob. Your blood should be bottled!

    Tom Milligan

  7. Hi Eoin

    Love reading about your running adventures.

    I’d love to chat with you about your length of Ireland run. I’m looming at doing this (over a week) and would love to speak with you regarding routes etc.

    I’m an endurance adventurer and have done plenty of ultra “stuff” and always looking to connect with like minded people!

  8. Rafal says:

    Hi Eoin,

    Good luck, on Barkley this year. What a adventure, tough adventure, extremely tough 🙂 !

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